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Four Elements: Stickers for your Kiddos

Young children remember symbols better when there is a story behind the symbols and if the symbols themselves tell a story even better! These four elements icons are serving us for this school year to differentiate each of our children personal items from the others.

It helps young children understand that there is a designated place for them in their playroom where their belongings are and most importantly, it makes them feel super special. Knowing that they have their own thing, their own unique symbol for them its a really big thing at young ages.

Creating and using these type of stickers to delimitate our children space and boundaries is easy for us and enriching for them. It really makes a difference.

Watch how they look and how they were made in this video:

You can now have these stickers by download, print and stick them everywhere. Your kids are going to love them!

Also, I highly recommend that you get this round labels.

I recently had a very bad experience printing labels because I chose the wrong brand.

You want to get labels and have an easy printing experience instead of having a nightmare (like I had), these are user friendly and super easy to print out with no complications.


Mama Z

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