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Sunshine: Window Star Tutorial

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Sunshine Window Star is not a difficult star to make. It is a star for beginners who want to make something very magical for their children window rooms.

To me the fall is the perfect season to gather at home, get cozy and make some nice arts and crafts with the family and I don't see a better time to make Window Stars.

This is a pretty mindful exercise that will bring you right back to your center (it's super calming and refreshing).

They bring color and light to our indoor space creating a magical environment for us all.

The children enjoy observing them throughout the day as they keep changing depending on what the light is like at each moment.

The materials you'll need are simple and ine


  1. Yellow Tissue Paper (other colors that go well with this star are all the warm colors such us reds or browns)

  2. Scissors

  3. Glue

I made this window star using Magical Window Stars. Super nice book that I truly recommend to anyone that is handy and has passion for arts and crafts. It contains a lot of different window stars of all types.

picnic table

But, if you're not up to buy this book you can get my tutorial here by signing up to my emailing list. This way you'll get all free tutorials that I make.

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